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Project Management Fundamentals - November 16, 19 & 26, 2021

Great managers and driven teams are experts at getting bottom-line results, but often do not understand their role in the success or failure of their organization's projects. ​As projects become more strategic and collaborative in nature, managers with even basic project management knowledge are most capable of keeping projects business-focused.​ By switching gears from passive bystander to active owner of project strategies, they keep their team’s projects on track, thus increase their business value.

We at UBQTY Inc. are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Project Management Fundamentals blended training course this November! Through this course, participants can gain practical knowledge on the basic concepts, tools, approaches, and industry best practices on project management. They will also be equipped with working knowledge on project management, benefits realization management, monitoring, and evaluation. The skills, techniques, and tools on scheduling and monitoring projects can be applied on future projects moving forward. UBQTY’s blended learning courses are partnered with one of the world’s leaders in online project management review courses—the PM PrepCast™.

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