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ITIL  Maturity Model


The ITIL Maturity Model is an assessment tool by Axelos that organizations can use to objectively and comprehensively assess their service management capabilities and the maturity of the organization’s service value system (SVS). At its core, the ITIL Maturity Model is based on ITIL 4 terms and concepts. However, the maturity assessment does not necessarily assess an organization’s use or adoption of ITIL concepts – it’s the job of the assessor to create the link between an organization’s practices and those from ITIL 4. Besides the two key terms ‘capability’ and ‘maturity’, the primary intended purpose of ITIL Maturity Model assessments is to inform the organization’s improvement planning by highlighting the areas that need improvement. Essentially, it gives a structured approach to drive forward transformational change in service management by ensuring correct prioritization and resource management is in place. 

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Axelos Consulting Partner

As an Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP), the assessment is done as a collaboration between both UBQTY Inc. and Axelos, meaning that they also provide benchmarking and certifications as services during the engagement.

Capability Assessment

The ITIL Maturity Model focuses on assessing the practices of an organization, in relation to the 34 ITSM practices of ITIL. In capability assessment, each practice has a set of PSFs or practice success factors, which has its own set of criteria, with each being mapped to one of the four dimensions of service management.


© 2021 Axelos


© 2021 Axelos

Maturity Assessment

The maturity component of the ITIL Maturity Model assesses the maturity of the service value system or SVS, and uses a ‘level hierarchy’. To determine the overall SVS maturity level, each component of the SVS must reach a specific level to deem that as the overall assessed level.

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